How to Raise Kids At A Healthy Weight


Genetics, diet, and physical activity all play an active roll in ensuring that our kids don’t face childhood obesity. There are several ways that you can implement healthy behaviors within your home in order to prevent the risk of obesity in your children. Limiting screentime should be at the forefront of any parent’s mind, especially when it comes to sitting down for meals. Also make sleep a number one priority, as inadequate sleep has been shown to heighten the risk of making unhealthy food choices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Genetics may play a role in childhood obesity, but so do lifestyle habits such as diet and lack of physical activity.
  • Be sure to partake in undistracted eating by limiting screentime while kids are sitting down at the dinner table.
  • Kids should get an adequate night’s sleep in order to help them make healthier choices the next day. Inadequate sleep can lead to moodiness and unhealthy food choices.

“When kids are young, parents are responsible for providing an environment that helps kids have a lifestyle that is beneficial to their health.”

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