The curriculum associated with year six has been known to include some daunting material, but a new game called, “Lost Pens” is reinventing the way that students engage in literacy learning. Students are put to the test in epic battles where they fight monsters with their writing and literacy skills. The game was first created in the year 2016 as a way to add some fun into the traditional framework associated with punctuation in the classroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • The year six writing curriculum can be dry and dull, but gaming helps bring it to life.
  • In the game “Lost Pens” kids battle monsters with their writing skills, helping them develop them even further.
  • The game was initially developed in 2016 as a way to revamp the framework associated with punctuation.

“Of course, the creativity and imagination of teachers never ceases to amaze. One of the main benefits for teachers practicing their craft in the digital age is that it’s now much easier to network and share great ideas.”

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