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Recess is effective in getting children to focus and behave during the day. A big part of development in childhood is getting plenty of exercise. Sitting in a classroom all day yields few benefits to children who don’t get to move around much during the school day. Getting recess taken away should not be a punishment because it is often the disruptive children that need recess the most. There are several other ideas, like taking away a specific piece of playground equipment as punishment as opposed to having them sit out for the entire recess. Allow kids to move around and they will perform better in school.

Key Takeaways:

  • Children who are disruptive or fidgety in class are the ones who are most in need of recess.
  • Instead of losing recess, kids can be punished by making them do something physical, such as walking laps or raking leaves.
  • Losing screen time is a better punishment than losing recess time.

“Do we continue to take away recess as a punishment, or do we come up with other options to give kids more not less of what they need to regulate their bodies and behavior at school?”

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