School Fall Semester: Time for a New Backpack


It’s that time of year again–back to school! You’ve gone through class orientation, you have the lists of supplies your kids will need this year, and you’re ready to shop. Pencils? Check. Notebook paper? Check.
You’ve got everything you need to get them off to a great start. Now all you need…is some way for them to carry it.
Choosing the right kids backpack is a pertinent part of any back to school shopping spree. It’s about more than just making a fashion statement (although that is important!), it’s about finding a bag that is large enough, sturdy enough, and most importantly, safe enough for your child to use all year round. Anything less could result in having to spend money on a replacement bag halfway through the year, or even worse, back or neck injuries for your child.
Luckily, our line of stylish and affordable backpacks by Wildkin is just the thing you need to complete your back to school shopping.
Your child can virtually customize their own backpack because Wildkin has given us so many options to choose from. Whether she’s into fairies and horses or he likes cowboys and construction: it’s all right here. In fact, there is a bag for nearly all of your child’s hobbies and extracurricular activities; making it perfect for after school sports and games.
These backpacks are as durable as they are stylish. Made from 100% polyester, you don’t have to worry about rips, tears, and fading like with lower quality options. This not only helps your child look his or her best every day of the school year, but it helps save you money by ensuring you aren’t paying for an additional bag halfway through the year.
Ample Storage…
Made especially for children, these backpacks are designed large enough to hold all the school essentials kids need on a day to day basis. Many even come with interior storage compartments to keep small items like pencils and sharpeners safely tucked away.
An improperly sized backpack can wreak havoc on your child’s neck, back, and shoulder muscles with continued use. This can result in soreness and swelling-even painful muscle spasms if the bag is heavy enough. That’s why Wildkin designed backpacks are made just for children. They provide a snug fit with padded straps that adjust to a child’s small frame and to help disperse weight evenly.
You have all the supplies you need, plus an affordable, stylish kids backpack that won’t weigh them down. Now you’re really ready.
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