Getting Your Childrens Space Back to School Ready

Nobody likes homework. Your kids hate doing it, and odds are, you don’t enjoy trying to help them solve eighth grade algebra any better. However, it’s a part of life and if presse we may even have to agree that it’s an important part. Luckily, you can help take the pain out of nightly homework duties by making sure your child has a neatly organized space in which to do his assignments. This area should include the basics like pens and pencils, and also a comfortable desk and chair placed in a quiet area.
SensoryEdge offers a unique line of kids desks from Room magic, KidKraft, and Wild Zoo. All of them made for a child’s size and needs. Having a desk area tailored to your child is more important than you may think. Adult products are often too high up and hard to reach for a child to sit comfortably, and an uncomfortable kid is going to spend even less time concentrating on studies and more time fidgeting or getting up altogether.
The desks offered by Room Magic also feature spacious designs that can hold everything from books to pencils to calculators and erasers. Many models even feature hutches, like our Little Lizard or Tropical Sea varieties, providing even more room for storing the essentials. They’re also comfortable and roomy. It is important to offer a desk chair that offers maximum comfort to avoid back aches which are not only painful, but distracting.
It’s also important to place the desk in the right area of your home to avoid distractions. Rooms where other children may be working or playing or areas where there are televisions and computers are probably not the best places to put your child’s homework desk. (Keep the computer in another room, like an office or living room, and make homework space separate from the family’s office space. If your child needs the computer for doing research or homework help, give him a set time limit to avoid distractions like MySpace or gaming sites.)
If there is no private corner in which to put your child’s desk, his bedroom will suffice. If he already has a television or computer located in his room, set limits and stick to them. These may include not watching any TV at all until homework is complete and no web surfing other than research. Give time limits for each assignment. Most importantly, if you catch him breaking the rules, follow through with consequences. Remove the TV, or if that is not feasible, find out if you cable or satellite provider has a way to lock all programming from use.
Lastly, let your child have a hand in choosing the overall style of his homework space. Room Magic desks come in various themes and designs, so there is something there any child will appreciate. Designate a corner to homework and allow your child to pick out utensils and decor items to place there. Find wall hangings or murals to correlate with the desk. You may even purchase a room divider for added privacy. Make sure all supplies are easily within reach.
Now all that’s left to do is hope the teacher goes easy on him.
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