School and Technology: Copyright Laws Relating to Internet Images

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School and technology go together but there are some things you might not be aware of in regards to copyright laws.  Jacqui Murray’s article “Technology in the Classroom: About Image Copyrights” is quite informative and necessary for navigating the internet.

Are you up aware of the copyright law for internet images?

Here it is explained that not all images that you see online can be legally utilized following the same copyright procedures. Some, for instance are free domain, others you need to cite a source, and in another case it may be necessary to request permission to use an image.

Highlighted here are five topics related to the use of on-line imagery and covers ways to teach students how to use this resource while obeying copyright law.  He also points out that the ability to create graphics of ones own is beneficial and covers teaching that as well. This article would be a beneficial read for anyone trying to teach, or understand for themselves, on-line copyright laws.

For more about school and technology and what you need to know about copyright laws, read the original article here:
Technology in the Classroom: About Image Copyrights