How Hand Games can Improve Motor and Cognitive Skills

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Playing games using your hands is an excellent way to improve motor and cognitive skills such as: hand-eye coordination, bilateral dexterity, motor planning and crossing the midline.

Improving hand-eye coordination is an important task regardless of age. Children are taught how to improve this as early as 4 months old by exploring their environment as well as with toys and games.

Parents and educators interested in children’s motor development and looking for some great interactive suggestions of activities that foster important skill development must read this article.

Do you need some fun activities for your kids that help develop cognitive and motor skills?

There are a mix of games that can be adapted based on age and interest level, and some would be great for car trips as well. “Boom Snap Clap” was so helpful by including a video link for visual learners. Learning through play is the best way to make skills stick.

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Hand Games for Motor Skills and Cognitive Skills