Amazing Facebook Post about Kids Showing Kindness to Kids with Special Needs

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Wonderful Post about Kindness from Kids for Kids with Special Needs
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Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize all kids with special needs.  A mother of a young Autistic girl named Baylee took her daughter to the water park in Kentucky, and her Facebook post ended up going viral.

Stephanie Skaggs shared that going to the water park takes careful strategy when it comes to her daughter Baylee.  The day they went to the water park she was becoming used to the habit of waiting in line for her turn to go on the water slide, but other kids kept going in front of her.  Baylee had become okay with waiting but she reacts when the steps she’s learned for her routine are not followed.

Skaggs says she was very anxious that the situation at the waterpark could turn into a total meltdown.  However, she was pleasantly surprised when a girl at the front of the line offered to let Baylee go ahead of her.  Then it happened again, but this time it was a young boy that saw other kids cutting in front of Baylee and recognized that Baylee had special needs, and he gave her his place at the front.

Do you want to hear about the far-reaching impact of kind gestures?

Skaggs was struck that two different children could be so sensitive and caring.  She thought that like many autistic children, Baylee does not appear to be any different than any other child. It requires paying attention, and usually children their age don’t. Skaggs let each child know how impressed she was with how they looked out for other kids.  She saw them together later and realized they were brother and sister.  Naturally she wanted to meet their parents to let them know how thoughtful their children were.

Skaggs told The Huffington Post that she wanted to share her story because she appreciated the children’s kindess so much that she couldn’t get the experience off her mind. Wishing and hoping to give peace of mind to all parents of kids with special needs, Skaggs typed out the post. Within hours of posting the story, she got a message from the mother of the two children saying that her children were also touched by their experience that day.

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