Why Music Education Is More Than Learning How to Play

Music educators state that learning music is about much more than simply learning how to play an instrument. Learning music can help you learn better and get along with others in other domains of your life. Lorrie Murray says that her music program is more of a social development program because of what it helps its’ students achieve outside of just learning music. Lorrie belongs to the Bay Area Music Project organization and they offer opportunities for children to learn music, but she believes that what they learn is applicable in other areas of their lives. Lorrie believes that the project can help raise the future leaders of tomorrow, and help the students discover a world beyond themselves.

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The organization believes that music can be a tool to bring children together from different backgrounds. Steven Van Zandt is a Rockstar who plays for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, and he is also using the power of music to help people. He believes that music can be a pathway for people to explore other disciplines. Music is the hook that can bring them in, and then people can expand from there. He believes that much is lost when art and music programs are cut, and he is trying to do his part to help fill a void. He believes that people can gain value in fields outside of the arts from studying the arts, and much creativity and effectiveness is lost if people do not.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Education through music has been a door opening activity for decades
  • The skills taught while learning an instrument carry over into real world applications
  • This music project was launched as a pilot to provide additional opportunities to lower income children

“Murray and van Zandt are our guests on this week’s EdSurge podcast, and they share their different approaches to music education. Both say that although music may not be a lifestyle and profession for everyone, it can teach everybody lifelong lessons.”

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