You Can’t Argue with Success: American Made Standard Unit Blocks

Standard unit block toys provide a lifetime of pleasure for kids who like to build. There are balanced kits of wood blocks, wooden block accessory sets, and toy blocks with educational shapes. You can buy a whole set or you can add to a set you already have. If you are seeking premium American made toys, wooden building blocks are made of Rock Maple will last for generations.
The blocks are school sized 1 3/8 inches thick. The blocks are not coated with chemicals or oils. You can be assured that they are safe, and that they’ll last for generation. We understand educators are on a tight budget, but the higher price of these blocks will be a better long term value than they’re less expensive cousins.
It is satisfying to spend time with your children, showing them what to do with the blocks, and enjoying their progress in coordination. We sell the Barclay line of American made standard unit blocks that are completely unfinished and too large to pose a choking hazard. They also satisfy the CPSC rules for children under the age of three. The blocks are made of sanded maple so children can gum them and parents don’t have to worry about the kids eating finish.
As time proceeds, children will now begin to integrate more fanciful stories and will employ dolls and toy soldiers. Blocks this size also work well with small cars. At younger ages, children will use more of the rectangles than anything else, but parents should resist the temptation to avoid the small and the more intricate pieces. The basic rectangles are necessary and always in short supply, but these alone will not suffice. A lot of roof planks and road planks are also important. The small pieces are extremely useful for decoration and for adding visual interest to simple buildings.
These unit blocks may be cleaned with a damp sponge or sanded with a fine sandpaper, but they shouldn’t be allowed to soak as they will absorb water. A final thought. Although blocks may seem boring because they don’t have the bells and whistles of the new generation of toys, they’re still a great (maybe the best) learning toy around. Always were and always will be!
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