5 Simple Exercises to Build Mental Strength as a Family

Mental strength in a family can be achieved using five key methods. First, time should be purposely set aside for the family to be together. Second, family members should communicate using “I” statements, meaning that the pronoun “I” is used as opposed to the pronoun “you.” Third, individuals’ specific needs should be acknowledged. Fourth, errors should be used as opportunities for teaching life lessons. Fifth, as a parent, one should live their lives to be an example of self development to their children.

Key Takeaways:

  • Family time should be purposefully set aside and family members should speak in “I” statements.
  • Everyone’s specific needs should be taken into account and errors should be used as lessons to learn.
  • One should be a guide for self development in the form of a role model.

“Open communication is a necessary ingredient to the recipe for a strong family.”

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