Three Things We Learned at Khan Academy Over the Last Decade

Sal Khan founded Khan Academy in 2008 and then launched the Khan Lab School in 2014. He values teachers and believes that they should seek the best ways to help students before turning to technology. Many students’ academic struggles are due to knowledge gaps. It is possible to deliver lessons that are at the student’s grade level, yet also are individualized according to that child’s level of development. Public schools have made a lot of progress over the last decade and Khan Academy will continue to support them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even with the many advancements in technology, teachers are the most important key to teaching well.
  • Students continually need personalized work, and to be strongly pushed to learn effectively.
  • Public Schools have a poor reputation in some educational areas, but are making progress in many.

“By enabling progress through a mastery-based system, we would help students build confidence and challenge them in the most personalized way.”

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