5 ways to create spaces that unlock creativity & encourage collaboration

It is often easy for teachers to focus more on what it is that they teach and how they teach, but they often overlook the area or where they teach. It is believed that students need to be prepared in the classroom for jobs of the future that don’t even exist right now and also to get them prepared on how to adapt in a world that is in rapid evolution. This can be done and make students be successful in the future when teachers unlock the creative potential of the students. The best way to foster creative is for teachers and the school to provide conditions in the school such that students can be able to develop their ideas, solve problems, connect to each other, learn, and then have the ability to adapt. So the author set out to provide five ideas on how teachers can unlock the creativity in their students and make connections easy along with collaborations. The first way is for the school to establish a mindset that spaces matters in all the students and staff. At the author’s school, that is the focus of the design of the school. The design of the classrooms is to help make students see that spaces matter and to focus on the mission of the school while making students be at the forefront of decision making.

Key Takeaways:

  • Education-specific spaces need to be devised with an awareness of how students and teachers will use them.
  • One innovative well-thought out space was created only after the use of polls and focus groups to really hone in on students and teacher requirements.
  • By thinking of a classroom as a place to prepare for life and innovate, it’s possible to expand far beyond the traditional square space with rows of desks and chairs.

“It’s easy to focus on what we teach and how we teach, but where we teach is often overlooked.”

Read more: https://www.eschoolnews.com/2019/05/13/create-spaces-that-unlock-creativity/

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