7 techniques to hone teaching skills with powerful body language.

Teachers have only a short timeframe to engage their students, so it’s important that your teaching has a great impact on them so it’s memorable. One way to maximize your teaching efficiency is to use body language to further reach your students. However, many teachers overlook body language as a teaching tool. Read on to learn more about why body language is so important when teaching, and seven different techniques to use when working on your own body language.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress causes the most barriers which impact the teaching ability and hinders the usage of body language in teaching.
  • Teachers have to cater to multiple student needs. The difference in needs put much pressure on the teachers and their effectiveness.
  • To make the students understand the right perspective teachers have to be confident in themselves, which comes from teacher’s posture and non-verbal communications.

“The time frame for which lessons taught by teachers remain in the mind of students depend mainly upon the impact of those teachings”

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