Activities for Kids to Prepare for the Job Market

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The job market is challenging to say the least. Do you want to help your students get a leg up when they get out in the real world? It’s never to late…or too early to guide your student in ways that will assist them.

Let’s face it, most students are adept with the technical skills that are a requirement in many jobs. However, often times in the learning process soft skills are overlooked. These skills, such as communication and problem solving for example, are just as important if not more so than being technically proficient.

How do you teach job readiness in your classroom?

There are several classroom activities that can be utilized to effectively teach a student the necessary skills to be prepared for when they have their dream job one day. These activities will teach about such things as trust building, time management, active listening skills, and negotiation tactics, to name a few. All the activities are broken down into small groups, and are

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