Helpful Tips & Activities to Make Classroom Management Exciting

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Nowadays teachers are searching for helpful tips and activities to support their classroom management strategies to help increase their students’ productivity.  There are many fun ways to make seatwork interesting.

When you are stuck sitting all day, it can get tedious and it can even be rather tiring.  And even though kids could sit all day with their electronics, it’s much more difficult to get kids’ to sit for long when you are focusing on seatwork.

Do you have strategies that you use in the classroom to help jazz up and make dreary seatwork more exciting?

Teachers who are looking for new ways to make seatwork less dull and more productive are provided options in an article by Janelle Cox.  Cox provides several options to make the seatwork environment less tedious including the Decide Now app, stability balls, and music

If you are looking for a new way to revolutionize how your classroom works, then you need to try the Decide Now app.  The Decide Now app allows the teacher to associate different activities to colors on a wheel. A few suggestions for the activities are doing work with a flashlight, on the floor, or on top of the desk or table. The teacher can have a student spin the wheel to decide which option for the seatwork is chosen.

Sitting at your desk and doing seatwork for an extended period of time in an uncomfortable chair will make it challenging for any child to sit still. So, if you’re looking for a novel way to make dull seatwork more enjoyable, then use the stability ball (preferable the one with the feet on the bottom so kids won’t be rolling around).

Music has been described as an efficient way to soothe children for years now. Some research has shown that learning with music can actually enhance your ability to learn, as well as get better grades. Classical or soft music works best.

Any of these teaching strategies mentioned above can turn a boring day of seatwork into a better day.  To find more tips, read the original article here:

Classroom Management: 3 Ways to Spice up Boring Seatwork

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