Remember when you were a child and your parents would tell you to go play? Usually that is exactly what you did because you knew it was not going to do much good to tell them that there was not anything to do or there was no one to play with. They would simply tell you to entertain yourself and you would.

With all of our technological advancements and our families being busier than ever, to some children the thought of having to entertain themselves is foreign. Unless of course that entertainment is in the form of television, games played on the television and computers. While there is nothing wrong with that entertainment, sometimes a little “old-fashioned” fun is just what is needed.

The next time you hear that “there’s nothing to do” whine, think art. It doesn’t have to be a major project. It can be as simple as setting up an easel for kids, grabbing some paint and letting them loose. (You will probably want to protect the flooring and your child’s clothes first). They can use a paintbrush, perhaps a sponge or the most fun of all – their fingers. Or, for the “serious” artist you may want to check out the easel accessory art supply kit with its extra little touches.

And, most importantly, be sure to get one of your little artist’s original creations and have them autograph it. That way when they become famous, you will have proof that you were vital to their inspiration and success.