Kid Friendly (and Parent Approved) Rugs

Children spend a good part of their time on the floor. And no, its not always because grandma doesn’t like feet on her couch or mom is going to freak if she sees those jelly-covered hands anywhere near her new chair. However, it has been said they prefer the floor when watching television simply because they can be close to it and they don’t have to worry about anyone being in their way during their 50th viewing of a Barney video. Hey, you never know, Barney might say something new this time.

For whatever reason, they do tend to be on the floor a lot. So why not stimulate their learning process a little with kid friendly carpets and rugs. Depending on the age, there are several bright, colorful and yes, educational themes to please everyone.

As a parent or caregiver, you realize that due to a child’s innate curiosity they want to know and touch everything. It just makes sense that even if the rug was not the first thing they noticed (it is more likely that they noticed some other kid playing with one of “their” toys), it will soon capture their attention as much if not more than the original toy they had their eye on.

With everything from alphabet carpets, numbers and shapes rugs, rugs about animals and nature to biblical rugs and even geography carpets, there is bound to be something that a child would adore. And remember you are not required to tell them it is also educational. Why ruin a good thing?

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