I Know It’s A Pain In The Butt, But We Have To Let Our Kids Get Messy

Children need to get messy, because it helps them get creative. Sure it can be hard to hand them something you know will make a big mess and you will probably have to add it to your long chore list, but, they will be out of your hair for a while. You can have some mom time, and they can get creative and create a bunch of neat art projects that you will hold onto for a lifetime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playdough and paint sets may be messy, but they are also great for keeping your kids happy and occupied.
  • Research suggests that being allowed to make a mess may even help kids to learn.
  • Children also enjoy playing around outdoors in ways that often result in them getting dirty.

“The greatest thing about all of this is that kids wash. They wash and when they wash, they play, which gives you even more time to sit quietly or to scrub the glitter off the kitchen table”

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