Organize A Classroom Environment

An organized classroom promotes a safe area to play and learn. SensoryEdge recognizes the need for quality classroom furniture that not only provides storage space, but also makes items easily accessible to little hands. Let’s look at some quality toys and furniture that can help organize a classroom and still promote learning fun.
Creative room dividers really help organize a classroom and are great for breaking children up into smaller, more manageable groups during play times. Everyone gets a chance to play at their favorite station by moving to the next play station when teacher rings the time’s up bell.
A 3 Square Play Panel Set is perfect for creating a special area within a larger classroom setting without leaving a child feeling isolated. These brightly colored panels are joined by flex links so the set up is easy to change whenever needed. Use these panels to organize a classroom into quiet areas for children who need a break from more active play.
Teachers can organize a classroom full of books in a Mobile Library Bookcase. This excellent storage area provides 32 feet of book storage area, and folds flat when it’s time to put it away. A great space saver that maximizes your available classroom space.
Traditional toy boxes are great for storing play time items when you need to organize a classroom again, but the problem is you can’t see through them. Children tend to dig through them like they were looking for buried treasure, and all the toys they don’t want wind up on the floor.
A Mobile Equipment Box is a wonderful solution for better classroom organization. The see-through mesh sides allow children to see exactly what they’re looking for, and this toy box is mounted on locking casters, so it can be rolled around the room for easier clean up.
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