Easter Craft Idea: Baby Chicks Easter Basket

Springtime Craft: Chick Easter Basket

Create this adorable Easter Chick “Basket” to Hold Little Easter Treats


Easy Easter Craft for Kids

If you are looking for a fun, easy, and cheap Easter Craft for Kids this little Baby Chick Easter Basket is  perfect. Below are step-by-step instructions & a shopping list to make planning easy.

Easy Easter Craft Shopping List
Shopping lists make Crafts easier.

If you pre-cut the smaller bits it would make a great preschool craft and you could use them at a spring party by filling them with baby carrots, trail mix, or umm…. dare I say even jelly beans 😉



Follow these simple steps:

STEP ONE:   Start this spring craft by covering a little paper cup with yellow tempera or acrylic paint.  Note:  Acrylic paint is better if your paper cups have a shiny finish.
chick step 1

STEP TWO:  Wait for the paint to dry then paste a couple of googly eyes near the top of the cup.
chick step 2


STEP THREE:  Cut orange craft foam  into two little triangles.  Then attach them as the beak.  You can either paste them level on the paper cup or you can fasten the base of each triangle on a slant.  This will give the beak a three-dimensional appearance.

Spring Craft: Chick Easter Basket

 STEP FOUR:  Cut the chick’s feet out of orange craft foam or construction paper.  Each individual foot is in the shape of a “W” without the cut-away at the base. To download a ready made template for the feet, beak, and wings visit: http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/papercupchick.html

Spring Craft: Chick Easter Basket

STEP FIVE:  Attach feet with adhesive to the base of the cup.

Spring Craft: Chick Easter Basket

STEP SIX: Cut two wings out of yellow construction paper and attach to the sides of the cup. 

chick step 6

STEP SEVEN:    And finally, use pipe cleaner to create a handle for your basket. You will need to create holes on each side to attach the pipe cleaners. Tuck one end in curve it up and twist around the pipe cleaner

STEP EIGHT: Fill your charming and sweet chick basket with springtime treats, rewards, little flowers, or even your Easter eggs if you use a larger cup.

Springtime Craft: Chick Easter Basket

(Photo Credit: www.firstpalette.com)

At SensoryEdge, we love think that creating fun craft projects with your kids is a great way to make magic moments and fun memories (and as an added bonus it improves important skills too). As kids help create the project they gain valuable fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment when it is all done that “they did that”. Also, when done in a group it helps improve social skills, turn taking as they wait for materials. sharing, and the bonding that comes from a accomplishing something with a friend.

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