Puzzles are creative activities that let children use their minds. John Spilsbury made the first jigsaw puzzle in 1760. Spilsbury was a British engraver and mapmaker. He mounted a map on a sheet of wood. Spilsbury then sawed around each individual country. This puzzle was mainly used as an aid to teach geography. Thus, the jigsaw puzzle was born.

Floor Puzzles

There are puzzles for children of all ages. From a knob puzzle for your youngest children, to a large jigsaw puzzle for your older children, puzzles provide hours of fun and enjoyment. They are also educational toys that can be enjoyed by multiple children at one time. Your child will feel a sense of achievement when they are finished.

Puzzles are perfect for toys for rainy day activities, or family activities. You remember the fun and enjoyment you experienced with puzzles as a child. Now it is time to let your own children experience the same fun that you had as a kid. Be sure to view all of our puzzles at Sensoryedge.com.