School Assessments Are Changing and Growing for the Next Generation

School Assessments Are Changing and Growing for the Next Generation
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School assessments are changing and growing to keep up with the next generation.  It is a simple fact that kids today are different from kids in the past. They learn differently. And if they learn differently, we should test them differently.

The article describes several initiatives to create assessments that utilize technology to measure students’ learning gains. New legislation requires creative use of technology when testing students, and leaders in technology are rising to the challenge to implement technology when assessing students.

How can you help transform how tests are delivered?

The article lists several in-progress projects that will help implement technology in schools in the area of assessment. These exciting new apps and programs will help teachers to zero in on the areas students need help with and allow them to educate students with even more accuracy.

Technology is now a part of our lives, and it should be a part of our educational process as well. Students, teachers, and generations of the future will benefit!

For more about building educational assessments for the next generation, read the original article here:
Building the Next Generation of Assessments in Education

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