Sensory Motor Lesson With a Fish Theme

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Sensory motor lessons can be fun, especially if you find one with a theme that is interesting to kids.  There are several activities for preschoolers described in the article, “Fish Themed Sensory Motor Lesson Plan”. The lesson is built around a series of games based on the theme of fish.  In addition to being fun, these games require that children practice their fine and gross motor skills. At the same time, they are using their imaginations and having fun.

Do you have a set of sensory motor lesson plans that will interest your students?

The first game involves using the fingers to pick up small pieces of imaginary fish food (sticky tape) which they then have to feed to the fish (a picture they drew and you hung at the top of the stairs). In the second game, children pretend to be fish that are either swimming or flopping on dry land. And finally, in the third game, children practice balance and eye-hand coordination in a fish-catching game.

This is just a sample of how joining fine and gross motor activities with a shared topic can lead to hours of incredible fun!  Notice how many developmental skills can be packed into these activities.  The author enthusiastically recommends this fish-themed lesson plan for preschool fun while getting the added benefit of practicing motor skills.

For more about how sensory motor lessons can help kids, read the original article here:
Fish Themed Sensory Motor Lesson Plan

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