If you’ve been searching for a toy that is fun to play with for your children as well as something they can gain knowledge from, consider the old standby building blocks.
The Melissa and Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks is a fun set for your children and will keep a single child completely entertained as well a group of children. There are an incredible 20 lbs worth of blocks in this kit and they come in their own container making keeping the blocks together and picked up very easy, even for the smallest children.
Toy Blocks are not only imagination boosters allowing children to create cities and pretend play scenarios; they are also valuable for allowing children to learn to balance and stack. Children that need help with their motor skills functions benefit from playing with blocks as they learn to place them on top of each other and eventually learn to angle the stacked blocks to one side or the other to counteract a “lean” the stack of blocks may have.
Blocks encourage groups of children to work together to plan what they want to build and also to cooperate and listen to each other’s opinions and thoughts as to what should be played. All of these are motor and social skills your kids just will not acquire playing video games.

This block set is great for the 3 years old and up crowd and will give your children hours of fun while they build important motor, social and thinking skills.