Toddler Educational Toys

Finding toys that both educate and entertain the infamously short attention span of a toddler can sometimes seem hard to find. Toddlers love experimenting. You can stimulate your child’s mind for “what if” with a number of fun toys. Stacking toys build coordination and let your toddler consider “What if I stack these blocks higher?”. Soft blocks that are easy for little hands to handle will teach hand/eye skills as well as thinking ahead to results; as in if he stacks the blocks too high, they will fall every time.
Another fun toy for toddlers relates to common things your child sees you doing around the house. A pretend play kitchen toys made from sturdy wood will allow your toddler to make believe they have grown up duties to perform around the house too. This is a great set that encourages group play among several children and they can even pretend they own a laundromat.
Most toddlers love to look at books, have a book browser handy. It stacks the books forward instead of on traditional bookshelves so little ones that can’t read yet can flip through the book browser and find the book they want to look at or have read to them by the cover. A mixture of both picture books and early reader books will hold the attention of most toddlers from cover to cover.
Toddlers are learning at lightening speed. Jump start your child’s imagination by providing learning toys that really hold their attention!
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