How to Use Twitter in the Classroom

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How to Use Twitter in the Classroom
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The tweet, once a cute way to keep up with besties and celebrity couples, has come of age to the point that it is important that students know how to use Twitter in the classroom.

One might even call it the social media squawk heard round the world.  With tweets being rolled out with the seriousness of biblical scroll on heavy-hitting news networks like MSNBC

This medium has been used for everything from following presidential debates to gathering data for a survey.  And this explains why Twitter no longer calls itself a social media app, but rather a news app. This is an app that teachers are fast realizing has real classroom potential, as students already regard it as fun and entertaining and are well-versed in the technology know-how required.

Can you fit plot, setting, story arc, and character development into 140 characters?

When you apply Twitter to the classroom, students are more enthusiastic about trying again and again in an effort to successfully communicate within the parameters of this social tool.  Twitter serves educational goals and can be used as a challenge for using the exact words to tell a story that has all the standards of a novel within the constraints of 140 words.

One of the he biggest hurdles may be getting administrators to recognize the educational value of using Twitter.  Students can get real-time views of real issues from real people in the news, weigh in on student issues and ideas, get technological help, even take a pop quiz, just by using the appropriate hashtag.  With just a little bit of technological savvy and some appropriate instruction, students can learn a host of items available to them through the crowd-sourcing milieu that is Twitter.

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