Want a Better Assessment? Start by Asking the Right Question.

Students who are currently enrolled in K-12 programs will be met with year-end assessments in order to evaluate their knowledge that has been gathered throughout the school year. Unfortunately, these test often yield inaccurate results due to schools using high-pressure tactics and difficult exams. Experts such as Arthur VanderVeen, president of a nonprofit assessment firm, claim that catering these exams to each individual student’s learning style would produce higher scores that reflect the school in a much more positive light.

Key Takeaways:

  • We need to ask what we want from testing, in order to achieve that goal.
  • Summative testing, and custom testing designed to achieve our goal of personalized results, are key to success.
  • States are determining the role testing has, changing policies, and taking action on it.

“Together, we can build systems of assessment that are personalized to the needs of individual students, that inform instruction and that reliably measure student learning in support of equity.”

Read more: https://educationpost.org/want-a-better-assessment-start-by-asking-the-right-question/

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