Why I Fiercely Protect My Daughter’s Free Play Time

photo credit: www.edutopia.org

Children love to play when they are young, but the urge lessens as they grow into teenagers. While they retain their imaginations, it can be hard as you get older to lose yourself in the playtime. Because of this, some children are sad about the thought of getting older, as they think it means they will lose playtime with their friends. You should protect playtime for your young children and let them play freely while they still can.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some children might feel that teenagers don’t play and so feel sad about getting older.
  • Children can lose themselves in play, but though they retain their imaginations this gets harder as they get older.
  • You should protect your young child’s play time as much as you can while they still have it.

“I can’t deny that I’m grieving the loss of her single digit birthdays, but what is more surprising is that she has mixed feelings about turning ten.”

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