5 Steps to Revolutionize Your Teaching Style

If you’re a teacher who is using lesson plans you created decades ago, now is the time to update them. One way is to embrace technology. Incorporate online videos and Google Docs into your routine, but be careful with social media. Also, consider using workstations, activities and experiments as ways to turn your classroom into an experience for the students. Look to other teachers for ideas and don’t be afraid to try new things (it beats being complacent). Last, try to get to know each child fully, not just based on their grades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make use technology such as video and Google Docs, but avoid social media which has too much hate and drama.
  • Turn your classroom into a memorable experience by using workstations, activities and experiments.
  • Try not to become complacent as a teacher, but instead be willing to try new things.

“We are a society that is being controlled by a small electronic device that we keep in our pockets.”

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