5 Learning Strategies That Make Students Curious

There are quite a few different learning strategies that can make students curious and therefore want to learn more. One simple way is to ask questions that have never been fully answered as it will allow students to get their creative juices flowing and try to answer it. Creating learning games is a great way to get students to have fun while also gaining knowledge. Finally, use different and unpredictable content as this will lead to more engaged students, especially if the content they are learning is interactive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Revisit old questions that were never completely answered, or may have been superseded by new knowledge.
  • A learner at play is comfortable, focused and curious about the topic.
  • Simply grouping students together isn’t collaboration, which requires a genuine need for something from others.

“Education implies a formal, systematic, and strategic intent to cause learning. In this case, content to be learned is identified, learning experiences are planned, learning results are assessed, and data from said assessments play some role in the planning of new learning experiences.”

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