8 contemporary steps to prevent schools from Killing creativity

The last thing that we should want for our children is for them to go to school and be discouraged to be creative. A major issue with this is that the current school system was based off of the Industrial Revolution and hasn’t really changed. It’s a very cut and dry approach. In order to help children, teachers should be embracing their creativity and encouraging them. They should create assignments that let students show their creative side. Finally, getting rid of exams can be a great way to relieve pressure off of students and help them development important skills easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • The creativity at a child’s level is not only raw but unexceptionally real, which if gets moldered in the right way, can produce extraordinary results.
  • It is the factory model of education from the past 120 years and was built in accordance to the needs and demands of then aged people and jobs. It was meant for the production line workers.
  • The ‘Break Point Beyond’ study demonstrated the truth that as high as 98% children are genius at the age of 4-5 years and the percentage falls down drastically to only 30% within a gap of 5 years,

“Further, these examples raise doubts on the traditional practices that have been followed from centuries”

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