6 of the coolest education grants we’ve ever heard about

As a teacher struggling with a budget, why wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to get some monetary help? Not to mention how cool it would be to garner some recognition for your hard work, creativity and inspiration. Or, maybe your a student with a truly cool idea that also deserves some clout. Fortunately, there are an array of organizations out there, seeking applicants upon whom to lavish both physical assets and lots of recognition. And, much like the teachers and kids they are trying to honor, they are both very interesting and quite diverse. For example, one honorarium is seeking those teachers who have shown the best use of a line of magic-inspired books to create a lesson plan. Youthful students with a service plan to better their community can apply to “The Power of Youth Challenge.” The NoVo foundation recognizes projects that seed emotional and social competency in schools. “The Dream Classroom Giveaway” rewards elected hometown teachers with all the goodies they need to fully redo their classrooms. Nominate a teacher with the gift of spreading joy in learning and he Or she could win a cruise, courtesy of the “Norwegian Cruise Line Giving Joy” campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • One unusual teaching award centers around using Magic Tree House Fiction to create an inspiring lesson plan for students.
  • The NoVo foundation seems to honor those that develop educational projects that promote social and emotional learning in grade school students.
  • The hometown teacher that wins “The Dream Classroom Giveaway” will be the recipient of all the supplies needed to thoroughly makeover his, or her, classroom.

“That’s where education grants come in, and we’ve got some unique ones worth exploring.”

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