How to Prepare for a 504 Meeting


Your best tool for an upcoming 504 or IEP meeting is preparation. As soon as the meeting is confirmed, send a letter to the school stating that you are recording the proceedings. From there, be sure that the appropriate individuals, including your child’s teacher and administrator with decision-making power, will be in attendance. Next, bring all of the student’s pertinent documentation, including tests and evaluations, to the meeting. Finally, hire an educational advocate, or if necessary, a SPED attorney, to attend the meeting and represent your child’s best interests.

How to Prepare for a 504 Meeting
How to Prepare for a 504 Meeting

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that she is an expert in getting 504 for students because she has had experience as an educational therapist and learning specialist.
  • Some of the 504 and IEP meetings that she has attended went off amicably with everyone being satisfied but some were not that amicable.
  • One strategy for a successful meeting is that immediately the meeting is scheduled one should call the school and tell them that the meeting would be recorded.

“Whether you pursue 504 or IEP accommodations, there are some things you can do to help assure that you will be pleased with the outcomes.”

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