Educate Your “Rugrats” from The Ground Up with Educational Area Rugs

SensoryEdge Classroom Rugs
SensoryEdge Classroom Rugs
Educate your rugrats from the ground up with amazingly versatile theme kids area rugs and classroom carpets from SensoryEdge. Kids spend much of their creative play time down on the ground so why not take this opportunity to continue their education or reinforce what they’ve already learned. The rugs and carpets offered by SensoryEdge come in a variety of educational topics that are colorful, comfortable and informative. Just take a look at a few of their children’s rugs and carpets.
Make learning math facts much more fun with a numbers Rug. These rugs make organizing students easy Patterned after a traditional addition/subtraction table that allows your child to follow their finger from each number combination on the rug to the answer in no time at all. Through repetition, your child will absorb their math facts in no time at all with this wonder children’s rug.
Classroom carpets are great teaching aids for pre-school and Kindergarten teachers. The Calendar Rug is a multi-functional carpet that helps teach the days of the week, months of the year, as well as reinforcing number and letter recognition. This interactive rug/carpet comes with a kit of 31 days and four special holidays, so children can arrange the current monthly calendar for themselves. This carpet makes learning these complex concepts easy and fun.
Increase your child’s learning in a fun way, using the repetitive reinforcement found on these colorful, comfortable children’s rugs and carpets.
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