Fuel Your Fitness!

It is important for active children and teenagers to get the proper nutrition to fuel their days. In order to ensure that your children are getting enough nutrients, consider packing snacks ahead of time. Keep spare snacks packed and ready for when you forget your primary snacks. Consider when your child will be eating in comparison to the sport they are playing. If there is less than an hour before the sport choose a snack such as dried fruit or pretzels. If there is more than an hour you can add in protein such as apples with peanut butter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tweens and teens are always active in games and sports and it is essential you help them eat so they can grow strong bones and healthy bodies.
  • Parents should try to prepare healthy snacks in advance for their tweens and teens. Sliced, ready-to-eat apples are great for refueling.
  • Simple affordable carbohydrate options that can be ready in a short time for them are bananas, oranges, and apples or mango.

“Stash nonperishable items, like 100% whole grain pretzels in their backpacks, the car, and in their sports bags. This way they will eat a healthy snack instead of having no option except vending machine junk food when their in search for fuel!”

Read more: https://www.superkidsnutrition.com/fw_fuel-your-fitness/

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