Learning Through Crawling and Playing

Babies are on the go and their little minds are like sponges. Whatever you put in front of them, they soak up. If you have a little one that is on the move, give her a safe place to play that is also stimulating for learning.
The Alphabet Foam Mat is a fabulous place for your little one to crawl, play and learn letters and colors. The foam letters are far to big to pose a choking hazard and are easy for little hands to handle and grasp due to their squishy, foamy design.
It makes for great interactive play with your child as well as a cushy place to do it. Sing the Alphabet Song to her, talk about colors, and play games like “Find the Letter”. When she’s a toddler, ask her what her favorite letter is, favorite color and have her point them out. Toddlers love to be opinionated about everything!
Your little one will stay safe and clean, while she’ll love the bright colors and things to do on her mat. The 5-foot by 5-foot square mat has interlocking pieces that go together like a puzzle which will really please a curious toddler. When your child is even older, she will be delighted to discover that the assembled squares can be put together into cubes for large-sized building
If you like toys that can grow with your little one, this is another great addition to your child’s room!
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