Safe, Fun Developmental Toys for Kids Under the Age of Two


Does your little one seem bored? A quick glance in your child’s toy chest may yield the reason why. Numerous toys that are sold for smaller children today are so advanced they actually play for the child too. Electronic coloring books are safer for your newly painted white walls but your kids don’t learn as much about the colors from touching dots of color on a screen with a light pen. Tactile senses – being able to hold and feel what they are playing with – are important to the development of children.
Because of the boom in video games, many children have exquisite hand-eye coordination but lack development in other fine motor skills. This isn’t to say video games are a bad thing – they aren’t and there are a good number of wonderful learning programs that will give your child a leg up on learning. But as with all activities – they should include parental involvement and limit their use. Diversity in activities will keep your child’s mind stimulated and ready to absorb information.
Another good way to get your young child’s fine motor skills up and running is to use some of the types of toys you probably remember from your own childhood. A simple wooden pounding toy will delight your young child and he will quietly be learning to place the hammer where his eye sees the point to hit and in turn develop his fine motor skills. You can also talk about the shapes and colors of the various parts and help him brush up on his colors and shapes. If you’ve been skittish about buying wooden toys, rest assured the fine folks at Plan Toys have taken your concerns to task.
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