Reflect a Child’s Personality with Kids Bedroom Furniture

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Your child’s room should not only be functional, but also reflect a bit of his or her personality. That means choosing furniture and decor that is themed towards towards their likes and colors, is stylish, offers plenty of storage for toys & clothes, and fits your budget. You can get more for your money by choosing styles that are specially made for children meaning sized for them not for an adult and buying better quality items that last.
Here are some of our favorite options:
Colorful kids bookcases are a longtime favorite for both parents and children. Although you can find basic units, there are also fun styles to match your child’s personality. Animals, princess themes, and ocean decor can be used to tie in with your existing decor theme. When choosing a bookcase, pick one that has enough room for all his books or use storage baskets to hold toys or clothes.
Storage bin units are perfect for kids because they are generally bright colored and made from wood and plastic materials to last for ages. You can also choose between large and small storage bins, or a combination of the two to accommodate clothes, toys, shoes, books, or anything else you need room for.
No child’s room is complete without a classic toy box. Choose one that matches your overall design theme, or one made with a wood finish. You can even get it personalized with your child’s name. We find that when putting a name on the item kids are more apt to be part of the clean up process. This is the best way to store loads of toys that your child will still have easy to while playing and picking up his toys.
When choosing furniture and design choices, let your child have as much say in the decision making process as possible. How much or how little input you give him will depend primarily on age. For young toddlers and infants, choose pieces that will grow with your child as he grows. Animal themes are a good choice. Older kids can help you pick out each piece as you go along, so you can really make the space his own. Just remember, if you are set on the pieces matching perfectly, only give him options that you have pre-approved.
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