Sugar And Spice – Everything Nice: Gifts For Girls

Even though we encourage our children to explore their horizons without many of the boundaries imposed in the past, there’s no denying that girls and boys often have distinctly different preferences, and gifts for girls often reflect a more feminine point of view.
It can be a fine line. You want your daughter to know that the world can be her oyster, but you also don’t want to squash her natural homemaking instincts either. At SendoryEdge, we believe gifts for girls can still be feminine and frilly without imposing limits on your daughter’s imagination.
Case in point, our Rock A My Baby Rocking Horse. These rocking horses make wonderful gifts for girls. A pink pony is trimmed in complimentary pastels and heart shaped cut outs. A baby bed is mounted on the back of the seat, perfect for rocking a favorite baby doll or Teddy. These terrific gifts for girls even play a lullaby when the heart on the seat is pulled.
Peel & Stick Decals bring out creativity in girls. They’ll be able to reposition most of the decals for a new look. Mom will love that the decals from Roommates don’t leave sticky residue behind.
While gifts for girls don’t necessarily have to be pink and frilly, you should never be afraid to give your daughter gifts that express traditional females roles either. There’s room enough for everyone in this world, and gifts for girls can help you child discover just who she is.
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