Ball Pits; What Child Can Resist?

Ball pits and small children go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Kids simply can’t resist diving into colorful ball pits and trying to bury themselves where they can spy on passers-by.
Ball pits make terrific toys to keep children occupied for hours. Doctor’s offices, day cares and preschools can all make great use of children’s ball pits to help children engage in active play to pass the time.
SensoryEdge carries a number of ball pits in different sizes and styles to fit the needs of private homes and public areas.


Large ball pits that work great in bigger rooms such as day cares and preschools. Children that may usually remain shyly on their own will find these ball pits hard to resist. Before you know it, they will be joining in on the fun and making new friends. These ball pits also have climbing towers with vinyl covered foam ramps with velcro attachments.
Our Mini-Nest Ball Pools are the perfect size ball pits for small children. The sturdy 4 inch thick vinyl covered foam sides provide cushioned safety for small children, and the attached floor mat helps keep the balls in the pit where they belong.
Ball pits provide irresistible fun for all children. Kids can exercise their bodies and their imaginations all at the same time. Why would you want to spend hours at Chuckie Cheese’s listening to squealing children and coming home with a throbbing headache, when you can have one of these riotous ball pits for your own child’s playroom?
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