Play Therapy Improves Balance And Coordination

Play therapy is an invaluable way to aid children in developing physical skills. Undoubtedly, some children face larger physical challenges than others and play therapy provides a way to incorporate physical therapy into any play session. SensoryEdge recognizes the importance of play therapy and we provide many quality toys and activities to help children develop to their fullest potential.
Play therapy can be used to enhance balancing skills. Our Wooden Balance Beam provides a six foot length for children to practice on in a very safe, low to the ground environment. Children can imagine they are competing at their own Olympics, and who knows, maybe some day they will.
These sturdy play therapy Balance Beams come with their own base for added stability. Add a cushioned floor mat and your have the perfect play therapy station to help children improve their balancing skills.
River Stones are another way to include play therapy into any physical therapy session. Every one of these play therapy stones has varying degrees of size and steepness, so you can rearrange them for a fresh course. Not only will these play therapy toys help children learn better balance, they help improve overall coordination and judgement skills.
These play therapy toys can be combined and turned into an imaginative game where children must overcome challenges as part of a journey. Incorporate the Balance Beam and pretend it is a fallen tree over a ravine, then use the River Stones for another crossing. Let children create their own story to follow and you’ll have a wonderful play therapy session.
With a little imagination, you can use play therapy toys in many ways that will benefit children and help them develop physical skills they’ll use the rest of their lives.
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