mother helping her daughter with homework

How to Successfully Teach Children to Write Good Academic Papers

In the school curriculum, relatively little time is devoted to writing academic papers. But it is precisely these skills that are so necessary not only at school, college, or when passing exams but also for any adult. The ability to express one’s thoughts in writing is often required at work when writing reports, when preparing presentations of new projects, and in everyday life when sending letters, emails, etc. […]

girl writing on paper

How to Teach Writing Skills in the Classroom in 10 Steps: Basic Writing Skills

Basic writing is the key point of school learning success. Teaching writing skills in the classroom involves a structured approach. We need to understand the process and set clear objectives for our students to understand the guidance well. Encourage students on their work as you teach them. Using all the comprehensive approaches will help the students develop effective essential skills for writing. […]


Tangible Learning Materials: A Critical Ingredient in a Primary School Classroom

In the bustling environment of a primary school classroom, educators seek the most productive methods to cultivate young minds, enriching them with the seeds of knowledge and understanding. Tangible learning materials, that is physical objects and tools used to engage students in hands-on learning, have steadfastly emerged as critical components in this educational journey, and here’s how you can use them effectively. […]