Marvel Creates Special Comic Book for Children’s Hospitals

Marvel Creates Special Comic Book for Childrens Hospitals Across the U.S.
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Marvel Creates Special Comic Book for Children's Hospitals
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Marvel Custom Solutions is teaming up with the Child Life Council and The Walt Disney Company to help children in need. These companies have offered help to children through contact with over 450 hospitals across the United States.  The custom comic will be included in Disney hospital care packages and sent to hundreds of hospitals around the world.

The original adventure offers a spectacular conflict and battle between Iron Man and his notorious enemy, Fin Fang Foom.  This is a symbol of the super powers (a/k/a strength) we all have inside of us that we go to when we need help getting through the tough times.

This year’s comic book is about friendship, solidarity, and depending on others when you need help.  It is understood that one thing challenging kids when they stay in the hospital is that they can have concerns about not fitting in with their peers.  The overriding theme for the comic is that there is nothing wrong with needing help and reaching out to family and friends.

Do you want kids to be entertained while in the hospital?

Marvels’ intentions are to inspire young patients with famous comic book characters that have overcome the trials and tribulations that they’ve faced.  Telling stories is at the core of Marvel’s business, which is why they felt privileged to modify a special comic to provide an amusing distraction for kids in-need.

For a more in-depth understanding of Marvel’s special comic book for kids, find the original article here:
Marvel Custom Solutions Creates Special Comic Book for Children’s Hospitals Across the U.S.

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