Small Footprint Big Fun: Wall Activity Toys

wall activity boards
wall activity boardsWall panel activity toys are the perfect solution for offices where lots of children need to be entertained. We’ve put wall toys in many pediatric waiting rooms as well as adult doctors offices, car dealerships, hair salons, check cashing stores, and many therapy clinics. Keeping children happy in your waiting room doesn’t have to be an ordeal. With a few simple additions to your toy collection, you can make time fly for every kid in your office. And while there is no official guide to finding the right toys for your office, some are definitely better than others. Wall panel toys, for instance, are designed specifically with a waiting room in mind and it shows. Here are five reasons why the wall panel will make a big difference in your waiting room.

1. Save Precious Space.
The reality is that no waiting room has unlimited space to work with and that means that it may take a little planning to make sure that every child is entertained in your office. Even larger waiting areas need to be designed with traffic control in mind. Wall panels can go a long way in helping you keep your floor clear from clutter. In fact you can choose to hang multiple panels along your walls instead of pictures and create an entire play area without ever putting something on the floor.
2. Brighten up the Room.
And trust me, with these panels on your wall, your room will have an instant kid-friendly makeover. They have vibrant colors and wacky designs that are sure to catch their eyes. You can find panels to fit a theme or simply mix and match to give your waiting area a unique look. So, whether you’re looking for some friendly sea creatures to welcome your little guests or some zany mirrors that grab their attention, wall panels can help you achieve your vision.
3. Liven up Play Time.
But that first look is just the beginning, wall panels feature the kind of games that will keep kids occupied for their entire wait. You can find all kinds of games and activities that kids will love. Mess-free doodle zones, bead mazes and pathfinder panels are just of few of the activities that children can enjoy. And most of these games are best when shared with a buddy which means that the kids in your office will get an extra nudge in the right direction when it comes to making friends.
4. Keep those Brains Working.
No doubt that the kids will be enjoying their new found toys, but parents can also be happy knowing that their kids are developing important skills. The panel games will help develop visual tracking, logical thinking, fine and gross motor dexterity, sensory-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Toys like this can really let parents know that you care about their children’s development.
5. Keep the Parents Happy.
Of course, safety has to be the number one priority with any toy you choose and that is another reason why wall panels work so well. All panels are self contained and have no removable parts. That means no loose pieces that can potentially harm a young child. They are made with non toxic materials and always designed to stand up to some tough wear and tear. And cleaning is also a breeze as wall panels can be cleaned with nothing more than a little soap and water. That means that you don’t have to worry about them once they’re installed, a quick cleaning here and there and they are ready to go.
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