How To Get Students Engaged and Invested in their Education

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How to get students engaged is a question that comes across every teacher’s mind at one time or another.  It is vital that students are engaged and invested in their own education.

Possibly there is more debate over the usage of the word “learner” in place of the word “student.” The school of thought is that the word “student” is a considerably more passive word, and the word “learner” inspires action and calls for more lively and active thinking.

What is a students’ “personal” backpack?

Do you ever wonder what your students carry in their personal backpacks?  Not in their Ninja Turtle or Frozen backpack but in their “personal backpack.” The idea of students having a “personal backpack” suggests that each student is in charge of their own learning, and they each have what they need to facilitate their learning.

This is a great approach to making learning personal to students.  It can transform the relationship between teachers and students as well as how the students see themselves. Student-centered instruction is encouraged and focuses on the teacher’s relationship with the students.

Making students aware and engaged in their learning empowers them to take ownership of their education. To find out more about how to get students engaged, read the original article here:

5 Ways to Make Learning Personal

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