How To Avoid a Christmas Catastrophe: Batteries!

You know the scenario all too well. The kids wake up Christmas morning all smiles, anxiously tearing through wrapping paper to find out what each package has in store. They excitedly begin pressing buttons and pulling levers, only to realize where are the batteries?

Mom thought Dad was going to get them, and he thought she picked them up last week. The ones in the remote control aren’t the right size, and the ones in the junk drawer are, well, junk. No batteries in the entire house, no stores open, and no way to use those new toys.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you can avoid this all-too-common of Christmas woes by following one simple rule: opt for toys that don’t need batteries! It’s easier than you think when you stick to the classics.

Here are our timeless Christmas faves. (Your kids will love them as much as you did “back in the day” we promise!)

Toy kitchens and food: Boys and girls will love cooking up some fun with a toy kitchen with all the accessories. You probably remember serving “dinner” to your parents as a child, and the concept is just as much fun to kids today! Pair it up from toy toasters, pots and pans, and mixers so more kids can play.

Kids Art easels, tables, & supplies: Even older kids will love drawing and painting or modeling with clay; and younger kids never grow tired of crayons and markers. Add a kid sized easel, extra paint brushes, and canvas for your older artists and you’ve got an inexpensive gift idea that your whole family can enjoy.

Blocks: Choose from wood blocks to build structures or how about big cardboard blocks for a fort or a great wall?

Costumes and dress up props: Your small children will love getting new costumes and dress up clothes as much as your teens love getting real clothes. Find items that fit several sizes at once, and get plenty of props like headgear and scarves it’s a gift that will grow with your child.

Dolls and accessories: The classic baby doll never goes out of style. Sure, there are models now that cry, wet, and burp on demand; but these extras aren’t necessary for your little one to fall in love. Fashion dolls are also still number one, and when you pair them with a new dollhouse… kids can literally spend hours decorating and re-decorating their doll’s new home.

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