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8 contemporary steps to prevent schools from Killing creativity

The last thing that we should want for our children is for them to go to school and be discouraged to be creative. A major issue with this is that the current school system was based off of the Industrial Revolution and hasn’t really changed. It’s a very cut and dry approach. In order to help children, teachers should be embracing their creativity and encouraging them. They should create assignments that let students show their creative side. Finally, getting rid of exams can be a great way to relieve pressure off of students and help them development important skills...

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13 Tips for Bringing Cafeteria Recycling to Your School

Starting a recycling program for your school’s cafeteria can save pounds of plastic and cartons from ending up in landfills, but there are some tips you should follow. First, you need to do research on which type of packaging and waste are allowed to be recycled. Custodial staff will need training on this so they know what can be recycled and what belongs in the trash. Next, you want to place recycling bins next to the trash bins and clearly label them so students know which one to use. Keep the openings of the recycling bins small, so unwanted...

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7 techniques to hone teaching skills with powerful body language.

Teachers have only a short timeframe to engage their students, so it’s important that your teaching has a great impact on them so it’s memorable. One way to maximize your teaching efficiency is to use body language to further reach your students. However, many teachers overlook body language as a teaching tool. Read on to learn more about why body language is so important when teaching, and seven different techniques to use when working on your own body language. Key Takeaways: Stress causes the most barriers which impact the teaching ability and hinders the usage of body language in...

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Toy Minimalism: Why Kids With 100 Toys Love to Play in Boxes

The concept of minimalism has invaded many aspects of life. While originally defined around a general approach to lifestyle and material possessions it is something that can be applied to parenting. Parents overwhelmed with the amount of toys their kids own may see the appeal in something like toy minimalism. There are many reasons parents may want to pursue toy minimalism beyond reducing clutter. Studies have shown children that have fewer toys have longer periods of play that are more imaginative. Children that have fewer toys can be more creative, have stronger values around sharing, and posses longer attention...

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10 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Not-so-simple Life

Living a simple life is a goal for many, but it can be hard to achieve. With each new life milestone, like marriage or kids, the definition of a simple life can change. However, you should always take the time to work on making your life more simple. Here are some tips for how to simplify your life. For example, you should set up automatic payment schedules for everything you can, like bills or deliveries. Read on for more tips. Key Takeaways: Living a simple life is a dream for many, but it can be hard to achieve. It’s...

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