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5 Simple Exercises to Build Mental Strength as a Family

You can have a close knit family pretty easily as long as you open up the lines of communication with the members of your household. Members of the same family should prioritize spending a lot of time together to strengthen their bond. This might seem like an already known concept, but there are a lot of things you can do as a family to strengthen your bond. You can also communicate better, instead of pointing the finger, try to explain how you feel. Key Takeaways: In order to help build mental strength as a family, it’s important to simply...

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Why Music Education Is More Than Learning How to Play

Anybody who teaches music or has learned music at some point in their life says that learning to play music isn’t the only important thing when it comes to learning music. You don’t just learn how to play instrument, you learn a life time of life lessons. The history of music, and the famous musicians as well as learning social skills are important for everybody to learn at some point in their lives. Consider yourself lucky if there is a music program available at your school. Key Takeaways: Over the years, support from the community has allowed the Bay...

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5 Steps to Revolutionize Your Teaching Style

If you’re a teacher who is using lesson plans you created decades ago, now is the time to update them. One way is to embrace technology. Incorporate online videos and Google Docs into your routine, but be careful with social media. Also, consider using workstations, activities and experiments as ways to turn your classroom into an experience for the students. Look to other teachers for ideas and don’t be afraid to try new things (it beats being complacent). Last, try to get to know each child fully, not just based on their grades. Key Takeaways: Make use technology such...

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Why I Fiercely Protect My Daughter’s Free Play Time

Children love to play when they are young, but the urge lessens as they grow into teenagers. While they retain their imaginations, it can be hard as you get older to lose yourself in the playtime. Because of this, some children are sad about the thought of getting older, as they think it means they will lose playtime with their friends. You should protect playtime for your young children and let them play freely while they still can. Key Takeaways: Some children might feel that teenagers don’t play and so feel sad about getting older. Children can lose themselves...

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Family Road Trip Hacks – Top Tips For Surviving Long Car Rides With Kids

While it’s fun to go on road trips with your kids, you do need to prepare to make the long car ride less stressful. One important tip is to have your vehicle serviced before hitting the road to avoid the need for an emergency repair. Next, take along items to keep your child entertained and comfortable according to their age group, such as snacks and games. Give you car a good vacuuming and cleaning before your road trip. Don’t forget to pack snacks, music, and audio books to prevent boredom and lastly, organize your trip ahead of time so...

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